Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not Your Average College Book Store

Those who pay attention will notice that the prices on most items at the Art Cellar are significantly lower than at other stores. This is especially noticeable with paint brushes, which we sell for 50% below suggested retail price. We price Golden and Gamblin paints 40% below retail. These companies do not allow their items to cost any less.
For example, a large (150ml) tube of Gamblin artist-grade titanium white oil paint retails for $26.95. Our price is $16.20.
We are able to do this because, like MCAD itself, the Art Cellar is non-profit. Unlike any other art store, we do not have to directly pay rent or employees with our profits. Instead, the money you spend here goes back into the college to fund things like scholarships.

Textbooks, too, are generally 20% below cover price, and other books 10%. The only things we are unable to discount are photographic and digital media supplies. You will save money on these items by buying them at stores like Walgreens or Target, who are able to order them by the millions to get a discounted rate.

You will save significant money on your art supplies at the Cellar. And the convenience of shopping on campus may be worth the small difference in price on certain media. In addition, by buying at the Art Cellar, you are not fattening some CEO's pocketbook; you're funding your friends' scholarships. And maybe even your own.

The Art Cellar. Not Your Average College Book Store.