Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FREE Golden Acrylic Paint!

Hey kid, you like the acrylic?

We've got two-- yes TWO-- Special Offers, while supplies last...

Buy 6 small (2oz) tubes of regular Golden Heavy Body acrylic, get a FREE 5oz tube of Titanium White!
Save $8.70! (Or save over $12 at other art stores.)

Buy 6 small (2oz) tubes of new Golden OPEN acrylic, get a FREE OPEN Mediums kit! Includes samples of OPEN Acrylic Gel (gloss), OPEN Thinner, and OPEN Acrylic Medium, plus an introductory DVD!
A $15.00 value!

In addition, lest you forget, our Golden prices are 40% below Retail Price! Shop around; you won't find it cheaper anywhere.