Thursday, November 12, 2009

NEW Papers & Sketchbooks

We now carry some unique and exciting products from Borden & Riley Paper Co, out of Queens, New York. The first two are unlike anything else on the market. Please read on.

DENRIL is the name of a transparent polyethylene vellum. It is similar to the Grafix Matte Drafting Film, but much cheaper. We sell single 19 x 24" sheets for $1.25. Unlike paper vellums, it does not tear. Denril is great for drawing on, and not only for tracing. It takes ink and paint nicely, and we have even heard ballpoint pen looks great on it. You can work on both sides for experimental effects!

Paris Paper for Pens is another unique product, which we sell in 14 x 17", 40-sheet pads for $14.50. This is a heavy, 108 lb. paper with a smooth, hard surface which does not bleed or feather when using fine pen nibs. Indeed there is no better surface for Crow Quill-type inking. Consider it an alternative to Bristol for any pen & ink work.

The Normandy sketch pad features warm cream-toned paper designed to stand up to repeated erasings. 11 x 14", 70 lb. paper, 50 sheets, $6.05.

This dashing Spaniard graces the cover of our large 18 x 24" Rag Drawing pad. "Rag" is paperspeak for cotton, from which printmaking papers such as Arches and Rives are made. A fine and pH-neutral drawing surface. Twenty-five sheets, $21.50.

The Royal Sketch pad is spiral bound and 9 x 12". The paper is heavy weight 90 lb., with a hot-press surface on one side, and cold-press on the other. Recommended for wet or dry media. Sixty sheets for $15.25.

Also from Borden & Riley, we now carry 20-yard rolls of GLASSINE, in 36" and 60" widths, $12.20 and $20.25, respectively.

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