Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Book Sale!

Newsflash: The Art Cellar was again voted Best Art Supply Store by City Pages!
Come celebrate with us at our Spring Book Sale!
All books are on sale-- major sale-- no joke.

You will find:
Discounted textbooks from the past two semesters,
Five-dollar paperbacks,
Presents, resources, and summer reading!

Prices are marked on books for easy shopping (the computer is correct; no tag switching;)
We'll be rolling out discounts on some of our regular products this month as well.
Look for Green Sale tags being added throughout the store until the sale ends Friday, May 14th, our last open day before inventory.
See this blog for details on that and our summer hours.

Peace, brothers and sisters,
--Your friendly neighborhood Art Cellar

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Watercolor Journals

Revel in the beauty of the seasons and express the excitement of nature with Global Art's new Hand*Book watercolor journals. Covered in soft salt-and-pepper linen, these hardcover books are also great for writhing in depressed agony and expressing your festering loathing of existence. Available in three sizes: 3 x 8" ($8.25), 5 x 8" ($10.95), and 10 x 8" ($19.35). These books are durably bound, and open flat nicely. They contain 60 sheets of 95# watercolor paper.

(Brush not included. The books are covered in plain linen after discarding the poppy label.)