Friday, June 25, 2010

Firewire here

The Art Cellar now has a supply of 3 foot Firewire cables for sale for your convenience.
We have both 6 pin to 4 pin and 6 pin to 6 pin to make all the Mac to Mac connections you need.  No more need to hijack the cables from computer support! Buy your own for $6.50 each.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Planners Are In!

Our light, softcover 8x10" month-at-a-glance academic planners are $5.50.
The splat is really dark blue, but in the light it shimmers kind of like the color shown.
August 2010-August 2010.

We have a few different styles of 18-month, week-at-a-glance Moleskine hard- and softcover planners. Check 'em all out today!

July 2010- December 2011
3x5" are $14.15
5x8" are $15.80
7x10" are $16.65

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Water-Soluble Oil Colors!

These just in: Holbein Duo Aqua Oils

A fresh line of water soluble oil paint and accompanying mediums for artists like YOU!
(Click photo to enlarge.)

These artist-quality oil paints can magically be thinned and cleaned up with oil mediums/solvents OR plain water! (Unless you speak French. According to the label, you may only use water. Sorry.)

Go ahead and mix them with your oil paint, acrylic, gouache, and ink too!!! Holbein Duo Aqua Oils also dry faster than traditional oil colors.

One of our favorite things about this line is that it contains our first FLUORESCENT OIL PAINTS!

Come check out some of their literature, and look at all the pretty colors.

America's #1 Japanese art supply firm with a Dutch name.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can You Recommend...?

Next time you're here shopping for supplies, look for our new STAFF PICKS tags throughout the store. All of our employees are practicing artists, and these tagged items are ones we particularly recommend, and ones that are often overlooked, by you, our beloved customers.

The Art Cellar is a hidden gem of a store. Chock full of pret'near everything you need, at the lowest prices in town, and staffed by a knowledgeable and attractive crew. This award-winning shopping experience is one you can feel good about: we're non-profit, and our proceeds help fund MCAD scholarships. Come on in. We think you'll love us as much as we do.