Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Montana BLACK & GOLD in da house


Behind our counter is the beautiful display of Montana BLACK & GOLD spray paints.

Here's a little inspiration video.

MONTANA BLACK = 102 Matte colors, Fast Drying, High Pressure, No-Drip formula, Low Noise, Highly Pigmented, 100% Winterproof!

MONTANA GOLD = 204 Matte Acrylic colors, low pressure, high coverage, best durability, no color bleaching, works on flexible surfaces= canvases, quick- drying= no cracking.

We also have various caps that enable airbrush-like line weight.

The MCAD Art Cellar does not condone vandalism, we promote ART!  Please use responsibly.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks

We have the Hot Cakes and now we have even more colors with the Hot Sticks!

Watch this video and learn all of the possibilities at your fingertips.
They say craft but we know you can turn this into Fine Art, just use the techniques and go!

Check out the Enkaustikos website for more information.
If you want a little more information on Encaustic painting check out this book, its great!