Monday, November 21, 2011

Stretcher Bars on SALE

Stretch yourself a little for a great deal.

Our Masterpiece B2 Stretchers are on major sale. (They have silver tape around their shelves) Many large sizes available with great cross braces. 

Come in and ask for help putting together a stretcher to your desired size and then get the best deal in town on 14oz canvas to stretch over it!

While you're at it continue on your way to a great deal on gesso and paint.  Did you know we're discounted everyday for everyone?  Because we're all students of life, right?

For instance a 40"x48" stretcher with two cross braces suggested retail price = $82.70, Our price = $39.70. prices and supplies subject to change/ all sales final.

We also have other brands of stretchers in the case that we don't have