Thursday, January 26, 2012

the Nature of Oil Paint

Nothing is more natural than oil painting.
The linseed oil used in Gamblin paints comes from a field, not a refinery. Our linseed oil comes from sustainably farmed flax fields in nearby Montana. 
Not only is linseed oil edible, but it is also high in Omega-3. In fact, many take "Flax Oil" as a dietary supplement for its ability to lower cholesterol and its other health benefits. But please do not drink our linseed oil.

The only thing perhaps as natural as oil painting is pulling a piece of charcoal from a fire and drawing with it.

There is no solvent in traditional oil paints.
Gamblin's traditional oil paints neither contain solvent nor do they require using it. Anyone suggesting otherwise to you is wrong, trying to sell you something, or both. 
We use linseed oil in our colors for the same reason that it has been chosen by artists for centuries. It dries faster, stronger and more flexible than any other oil.  
Perhaps more important to the artist, we also use linseed oil because it can absorb the highest of pigment loads. With oils handcrafted by our Master Paintmakers, painters can experience color at its maximum and create without compromise.

Manage exposure to solvents. Painters have been using turpentine for hundreds of years because it was commonly available.  Pure 100% odorless mineral spirits is an innovation of the late 20th century, so it is no wonder that many painters do not yet know how safe it is.  Visit or consult our Solvent Comparison Chart for info on selecting safer solvents and for designing a studio with little or no solvent exposure.

We have a wide selection of Gamblin oil paints and solvents as well as Holbein Duo Water soluble oils and Graham oil paints which utilize walnut oil as a solvent instead of turpentine.  Come on in and check out your safe options.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Back Students!

Welcome back to Bayside...I mean MCAD!

We are glad to have you back. And to reward you...we are going back to our regular semester business hours which are as follows...
Monday-Thursday 9a-8p
Friday 9a-5p
and Saturdays 11a-5p

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!
The Art Cellar is OPEN during the winter break. Our hours are as follows...
M-F 9am to 5pm
We are closed on January 16th to observe MLKjr Day. We will resume our regular semester hours on Tuesday. January 17th which are as follows...
M-TH 9am-8pm
F 9am-5pm
Saturday 11am-5pm

Stop in and see us!