Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Get your sample of Torrit Grey! 
Vote for your favorite Torrit Grey Painting on Facebook.

Tubes of Torrit Grey are available free for a limited time with your next $25 purchase of Gamblin painting materials.
About Torrit Grey
In celebration of Earth Day, each spring Gamblin's Master Paintmakers recycle the pigments captured by our Torit Air Filtration System into a limited edition color: Gamblin Torrit Grey.
Torrit Grey reflects Gamblin's shared commitment to sustainability. Every batch is unique, ranging from warm dove grey to cool, bluish grey.

The Contest Continues Online! 
Vote for your favorite Torrit Grey painting by "liking" it on Gamblin's Facebook page. There are two albums titled "2012 Torrit Grey Gallery." The artists who created the three paintings with the most "likes" will each receive a selection of Gamblin materials. Contest ends at 5pm PST on Friday, April 26th. Winning paintings, including honorable mentions, are not eligible in the online contest.