Monday, October 14, 2013

Strathmore is requesting artwork submissions for our 2014 Product Catalog and for our 2014 Facebook Cover Image.

Artists have until Friday, November 15 to submit artwork to us. The artwork submitted must be completed on Strathmore paper. The artist chosen for our 2014 Catalog will receive $300, and the artist selected for our Facebook Cover Image will receive $100 retail value of Strathmore product.

Below is a link to the page where artists can submit their artwork and learn more about it:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Announcing NEW MCAD Merchandise!

Check out our 2013/14 Catalog and get your "Mcaditude" on today!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Everyone loves our Wood Panels!

They are so ridiculously popular we have to fight to keep them in stock. 
Our panels are made in Wisconsin with a 3 ply Baltic birch face and cradled with Wisconsin basswood.  These panels are very stable and have a non-directional grain.

Wood panels offer versatility and can handle many media.  Make sure to seal and/or treat the surface before use. With the exception of encaustic wax which acts as a sealer, all wood panels should be sealed with a good primer before painting artwork on them. Lignins and tannins that naturally exist in the wood can actually leach through the ground and affect a painting if a panel is not properly sealed and primed. The image (left) demonstrates how a panel without a sealer will yellow while a sealed panel will block the tannins from leaching through to the painting ground.
There are several recommended methods and resources to learn about sealing and priming a panel. We recommend using GOLDEN GAC 100 to seal panels followed by several layers of gesso or an acrylic dispersion. Gamblin Oil Painting Ground can also be used to seal and finish a panel prior to painting with oils.

We have sizes ranging from 6"x 6" to 48"x 60" with depths 1.5" and 2".
We also carry prepared/ready to use gessoed hardboard in a variety of sizes. Call or stop in to find out more info!