Friday, October 4, 2013

Everyone loves our Wood Panels!

They are so ridiculously popular we have to fight to keep them in stock. 
Our panels are made in Wisconsin with a 3 ply Baltic birch face and cradled with Wisconsin basswood.  These panels are very stable and have a non-directional grain.

Wood panels offer versatility and can handle many media.  Make sure to seal and/or treat the surface before use. With the exception of encaustic wax which acts as a sealer, all wood panels should be sealed with a good primer before painting artwork on them. Lignins and tannins that naturally exist in the wood can actually leach through the ground and affect a painting if a panel is not properly sealed and primed. The image (left) demonstrates how a panel without a sealer will yellow while a sealed panel will block the tannins from leaching through to the painting ground.
There are several recommended methods and resources to learn about sealing and priming a panel. We recommend using GOLDEN GAC 100 to seal panels followed by several layers of gesso or an acrylic dispersion. Gamblin Oil Painting Ground can also be used to seal and finish a panel prior to painting with oils.

We have sizes ranging from 6"x 6" to 48"x 60" with depths 1.5" and 2".
We also carry prepared/ready to use gessoed hardboard in a variety of sizes. Call or stop in to find out more info!